Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is especially appealing to women who are not satisfied with how their breasts look when compared to other women’s breasts. However, one must not rush into breast enhancement surgery as there are some issues you might wish to consider first. This link will take you to NHS Heroes where you can buy codeine and co dydramol in the UK.

1. You Are An Expectant Or Nursing Woman

Breast augmentation surgery makes use of local or general anaesthesia to numb you to the pain. However, any kind of anaesthesia is harmful to unborn foetuses and can affect its health and even result in birth defects or miscarriage. Also, the medications that you might be prescribed before and after surgery can also enter breast milk and affect the baby’s health. Such surgery can also damage certain nerves in the breasts and leave you incapable of breastfeeding your children in future.

2. You Are Very Young

Saline breast implantation is for women 18 years and above, while silicone breast implants are for women 22 years and above. This age limit is set because your body does not fully develop until you reach your late teens or even early adulthood. Hence, prematurely going for breast augmentation surgery can permanently alter your body shape as you might still be developing.

3. Your Family Has A History Of Breast Cancer

There is no known link between breast implants causing or triggering breast cancer, just that having breast implants makes it more difficult to detect abnormal lumps in the breast, even in self breast examinations. As such, if breast cancer subsequently develops after augmentation surgery, it might not be discovered until later stages, which would greatly diminish the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

4. You May Require Further Cosmetic Breast Surgery

As with any surgery, there are risks involved and the possibility of complications arising is ever present. Such complications include the formation of scar tissue around the surgery site, rupturing of saline implants, or implants that result in uneven-looking breasts. Moreover, the breast tissues change as the patient ages, so the shape and size of her breasts might eventually change too. All these would lead to dissatisfaction with breast size/shape and the patient would need further surgery.

5. You Have Self-Confidence Issues

Breast augmentation surgery, or any type of cosmetic surgery for that matter, is something serious and should not be taken lightly. If you have low self-esteem regarding your physical appearance, altering your looks might not help your self-confidence in the long run as what is important is being satisfied with what you have. Having the right mentality and attitudes are more essential than having an attractive body. Moreover, if you make such major decisions after being diagnosed with depression or any other illness that affects your reasoning and judgment, then you might eventually regret and feel worse than before. No matter what, think twice (and more!) before making any decision to undergo breast enhancement surgery or any forms of cosmetic surgery for that matter.